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  Dance Language Plus
dance/movement, laughter yoga, colour and art

Banba comes from a professional background in social and rehabilitation work with people who have sensory and physical disabilities. She facilitates classes and workshops in the following:

  • Laughter Yoga,
    (trained with Mary Mitchell, and Dr. Madan Kataria from India)
  • 'Dancing the Rainbow'
  • Laban Community Dance
  • Exploring Creativity, Colour and Art.

The main focus of her work is to explore and develop creativity using dance and movement, drama, colour, art, laughter, all of which can be tailored to suit different groups and their particular needs.

Over the years Banba has developed an interest in working to make the visual and performing arts more accessible to people with disability, and she enjoys working with youth groups in her local area.

Banba's workshops are particularly relevant to those working in the following areas: schools, community/support groups, senior citizens, youth groups, new communities, mental health, special needs employers, stress management, health carers, etc.

Banba has completed a diploma course in Drama and
Theatre Studies in Maynooth College and is now studying Drama Therapy.

She is also involved in promoting Positive Mental Health Programmes and Support Groups, such as Aware, Grow, Careers Assoc, Youth and other outreach programmes.

She is running Laughter Creativity Workshops on the 22nd July and 26th Aug.

Weekly sessions start in September.

If you or your community group would like more information on Banba's workshops please feel welcome to contact her on the number below.

Contact details:
Mobile: 086 8155307

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